Eminem and B.o.B-Things Get Worse

Very interesting track here from the vaults. I couldn’t tell you why/how this emergd, but it’s not too difficult to guess when it was recorded, as Eminem seems to switch between the controversial accent used on Relapse and his ‘regular’ style, suggesting this was probably recorded in between Relapse and Recovery.

Regardless of questionable accents, the lyricism here is a throwback to a more old-school Eminem, bringing that edgy and controversial lyrical style that wasn’t too prevalent on Recovery. It makes for a nice throwback in that sense, though the lack of his angry, driven flows from those early 00′s to match the lyricism makes it feel a little diluted. B.o.B comes through with a decent verse of his own, and with a simple, uninterfering production holding things together, this makes for a fairly enjoyable listen. It’s not classic material by any means, but is a relatively enjoyable mini-throwback to Eminem’s earlier days. Maybe I’m just hankering a little too much for that 1998-2001 Eminem…

(Edit: Link re-upped) Eminem-Things Get Worse ft. B.o.B

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