Dr. Dre Co-Signs Kendrick Lamar (Live)

The music world has slowed down for Grammy weekend, but this emerged and caught my eye recently. During a recent live show, Kendrick Lamar presented none other than the elusive Dr. Dre to the crowd, along many other guests at his show (including J. Cole, though not in this video).

It’s a short video/appearance from the good Doctor, but it really only takes a few words from Dre to make an impact, such is the man’s importance. Not only is his appearance a major co-sign, but his open declaration of Kendrick as the ‘new West’ certainly adds weight to that belief. A couple of slightly hesitant mentions for Detox too, which is understandable given the seemingly insurmountable expectations already surrounding the forthcoming project. Nice to see this sort of validation though, and it’s always good to see Dre being active on the scene!

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