Diddy-Dirty Money-LoveLove vs. HateLove Mixtape

Very, very interesting project here. The Dirty Money trio let go of an official mixtape release, comprised of both unreleased material from recording sessions, and remixes of tracks from their hugely successful (and pretty enjoyable) Last Train To Paris album.

One of the tracks from this actually surfaced a day or two ago (I was saving it for R&B Friday!), and was a very listenable R&B-style remix to their club anthem Ass On The Floor, retooled by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. On that basis (and of course, the style of their album), I expect this mixtape to provide some pretty solid R&B work in a fairly empty scene right now. Download link below, tracklist even further below that.

Diddy-Dirty Money-LoveLove vs. HateLove Mixtape

01. Intro
02. Yeah You Would
03. Sade
04. Yesterday ft. Chris Brown
05. Ass On The Floor
06. Looking For Love ft. Usher
07. Private Entertainer ft. Rick Ross
08. Rollercoaster
09. Change
10. Make Love To You
11. I Know ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chris Brown
12. Shades ft. Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake
13. Last Night Pt.2
14. Utopia

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