Diddy-Dirty Money: I Hate That You Love Me Video

Probably one of the best tracks on their Last Train to Paris album, the Dirty Money trio let loose of yet another video from the project.

I was actually quite glad to see this album has recieved fairly widespread critical acclaim, as I still see a few vituperative comments about the mainstream style they’ve gone with: facts are, they make it sound far, far less generic than most mainstream acts, and certainly do a good job of adding a more mature, edgier feel to the R&B style. I’m a big fan of how they acknowledge the gender roles in the group by ‘responding’ to one another in their verses, which adds a new and rarely-used dimension to the music.

Solid production on this track, being made up primarily of a quick piano loop that’s captivating and lively, whilst Kalenna and Dawn deliver in spades with the vocals as they switch between smooth, laidback verses to energetic, passionate choruses with relative ease. The video is pretty simple, with specific colour blocks used for the three seperate ‘scenarios’ giving it a consistent feel that emphasises the audio appropriately. LTTP available on iTunes now!

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