Dawn Richard-The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart Mixtape

Since the emergence of Dirty Money, I’ve really come to appreciate Dawn Richard. She’s revealed herself to be a solid vocalist with charisma, and an edgy quality that will hopefully steer her away from the bubble-pop style running rampant in the R&B game.

The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart (alternately titled #ATellTaleHeart) marks her first full-length solo project, and I’ve got high hopes that Dawn can break out with some great material of her own. One prominent example (not on this mixtape) is Empty Room, which really displayed Dawn’s abilities.

The video here is taken from Dawn’s blog, as she documents her travels across the world and accompanies it with some live footage, studio footage and so on. Worth a watch for an intro to the mixtape, which you can grab below.

Dawn Richard-The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart (#ATellTaleHeart) Mixtape

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