CunninLynguists-Oneirology Preview

Very excited for this album. I’m a huge fan of their Dirty Acres album (listening to their entire back catalogue is a work-in-progress), having been put onto it back in 2008. Great album with some wonderfully ambient, atmospheric productions that were utilised superbly by all rappers/vocalists concerned.

2010 saw producer Kno drop off one of the finest, most consistent bodies of production work in recent years, Death Is Silent, and it’s certainly fair to say that my appreciation for his work individually and as a part of CL has been increased as a result.

It was easily one of my top 3 albums of last year (grab it here), and it looks like the critical acclaim is being capitalised on with a brand new CL project due next month. From this preview, it sounds like we’re going to be treated to more atmospheric production, with a more positive tint to seperate it from the Death Is Silent style. Keep your eyes peeled for more from the album soon.

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