Big Sean and Chris Brown-My Last

Finally Famous: The Album seems like it’s finally on the way. My Last is set to be the first single from Big Sean hotly anticipated debut album, and he’s picked a good, safe option to kick things off with.

A reflective yet celebratory track, Sean lyrically combines the bravado of being a world-famous rapper with the introspection and intelligence that is so often found in his material. The production emphasis that uplifting feel with a bittersweet tint, as lively synths are mixed with more solemn work on the keys, and a slow percussion line to cover all angles of interpretation (reflective, celebratory or both!) on the lyrics.

It’s a very different approach for Sean, and one that works with the production very well in offering a radio-friendly track that will still satisfy his original fanbase. Chris delivers a fitting and catchy hook, rounding off this decent track. Not Sean’s best material by any means, but a very solid effort and one that is likely to infiltrate the mainstream crowd.

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