Yasmin-On My Own Acoustic

Attack of the insanely talented UK singers! Just recently we got a superb live/acoustic performance from Daley, and now we’re treated to another (good job SB.TV!) from the fantastically-gifted Yasmin.

If (bizarrely) there were ever any doubts about Yasmin’s potential, they’re massacred to the point of disintegration here with a genuinely brilliant performance of her debut single, On My Own. The vocals are really on point as she storms through the soulful track with verve, passion and most importantly a degree of comfort that suggests she’s very much at home in the music game.

It would be remiss of me to not point out her fantastic appearance too, oozing a warmth and style that further demonstrates just why her mainstream breakout is inevitable. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab On My Own, which is (finally!) available on iTunes: you can’t argue with paying mere pennies for quality music.

(Also, was that filmed at the Flannels in Birmingham?)

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