Various Kanye West ‘Announcements’

Kanye West has just let loose of some very interesting info, in a way only Kanye could: on Twitter, and all in capital letters. WELL, IT GOT MY ATTENTION KANYE.

‘Announcement’ 1: Watch The Throne, the collaborative album from Kanye and Jay-Z, will be released in 2 months. This isn’t really new info, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

‘Announcement 2′: The official video for the fantastic All of The Lights will be released in just one week. Really looking forward to it, and hopefully he’s snagged all of the guest features for the visuals.

‘Announcement 3′: His next album will be released THIS summer. Now, we’ve heard brazen promises like this before (after 808s and Heartbreak I recall a similar statement), so I’ll believe this when I see it but it clearly means he’s still working on new material which is great. It’s altogether possible too, given that this album has been the odd combination of a critical success and a (comparatively) slow seller.

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