Throwback Thursdays Vol 43

Nas fans pay attention because without Main Source and Large Professor, we wouldn’t have had Illmatic. You see Main Source were the first act to put Nas on. Remember the intro to Illmatic? Well those Nas vocals were from Main Source’s Live At The BBQ from their brilliant 1991 debut Breaking Atoms. Anyway, I digress.

Here’s (perhaps) my favourite joint from Main Source; a cut from the somewhat politically-incorrect titled motion-picture White Men Can’t Jump. (N.B. Some Heads get caught up between the original and this remix but the differences are minimal so we’re rolling with this as it happens to be the audio I have).

Fakin’ The Funk is quite simply a fantastic piece of feel-good hip-hop. It’s one of those you will recognize off the bat even if you don’t know where from. Funky is definitely on the agenda here folks and severely underrated lyricism from Large Professor, who in my opinion, is the best producer on the mic in the history of the genre. Neek The Exotic drops an often uncredited appearance making me wonder why it then took 13 more years to drop his 2003 debut Exotic’s Raw. You have to listen to this. I once again digress. Large Pro is a beast though. Definitely in my top 3 producers of all time. Oh, you need to know the other two? Premo and Pete Rock.

Although on the standard version of Breaking Atoms you won’t get Fakin’ The Funk (it is available as a bonus track though) I recommend you get your hip-hop hungry little mitts on Main Source’s highly-acclaimed debut as it’s a great example of hip-hop ahead of its time and if for nothing else, that Nas feature.

Main Source-Fakin’ The Funk ft. Neek The Exotic (Remix)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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