Throwback Thursdays Vol 42

Lawrence Kris Parker is undeniably a pioneer of hip-hop and a true father of the genre. Although I happen to feel KRS-One is somewhat overrated as an MC, one thing I can’t deny, aside from his contribution, is his ability to craft a banger.

In anticipation of his upcoming collaboration project Godsville with Showbiz, here’s a throwback to the first time these two greats chopped it up together, way back in 1993.

KRS’ debut under his own name Return Of The Boom Bap was laced with ‘ear-pricking’ and ‘neck-straining’ collaborations, notably DJ Premier (who handled 6 cuts) and a few contributions from Kid Capri. But the real standout track was the controversial and iconic Sound Of Da Police which went on to become one of the most sampled joints of all time.

As you press play one of the most recognisable sounds in hip-hop to this day, Kris’ unmistakable “WHOOP WHOOP” onomatopoeia, echoes around your Dre Beats (Oh sorry, that’s not everyone. My bad.) Showbiz then comes to the fore with simple yet pulsating boom-bap drums. Loud is the only way forward right now. KRS attacks the mic with his venomous, reggae-influenced vocals, calling out the police for their actions (or lack of) in the streets of New York.

Good stuff this. A real headbanger and a must-have in any Heads’ collection.

KRS One-Sound Of Da Police (Produced by Showbiz)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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