Swizz Beatz-Freaky I Iz ft. Chris Brown, Kevin McCall & Diesel

Swizz Beatz hits us with another Monster Mondays special, this time enlisting Chris Breezy, Kevin McCall (of Deuces fame) and Diesel (who I’m not really familiar with).

Originally I was pretty sceptical about Swizz’s jacking of the weekly trend, but in fairness to him the material he’s put out every week has been extremely strong, including this very song. The production on this I’d go as far to say is exceptional, I wouldn’t have even known it was a Swizz Beatz production if I’d just heard it randomly (this is a good thing). Chris Brown slays the track as you’d expect which is supplemented by some good rhymes by the two rappers involved.

You can go listen to this yourself, as well as download it, by clicking here.

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