Slaughterhouse and Dres (of Black Sheep)-Back On The Scene

Apologies for the delay on this, but only this evening have I managed to get myself back up to date with music and/or life!

I couldn’t be more sorry either: this track is painfully good. Slaughterhouse recently announced an 8-track EP to be released Feb 8th, and this seems to be the first track from said EP, and most certainly commands attention. Pounding bass and drum work keeps your head nodding, whilst an electric guitar provides the edgy feel that only the Slaughterhouse trio can provide. The combination is an intense, memorable production that amplifies each rapper’s natural energy superbly, and we’re treated to some typically-strong verses from the fearsome collective. SLAUGGHHHTERRHOOOUSE!!

Slaughterhouse-Back on the Scene ft. Dres

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