Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill-Pandemonium

Wale’s been spouting about this track all day on Twitter, and it seems to all but confirm his association with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music label.

Ross’ work ethic has to be commended, as he never seems to be out of the limelight, and continues delivering mainstream-friendly hip-hop with this effort. Despite being a solid production, this goes to the well one too many times (as Indi stated earlier), as he goes with a beat and lyrical style that sounds identical to everything else he does. Having said that, Meek Mill and Wale’s raps make for nice listening on this production, and if his intention was to showcase these guys he’s done the job well. In particular, Wale comes with much more passion and aggression than he usually does, which is a refreshing twist on his regular laidback delivery.

Rick Ross-Pandemonium ft. Wale and Meek Mill

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