Nicki Minaj-Roman’s Revenge 2.0 ft. Lil' Wayne

Really didn’t feel the original to this track that featured Eminem. Although I didn’t particularly mind Nicki’s verses, the production and chorus on this was too annoying for me. Even Eminem’s verse grated my ears, his flow didn’t sound right to my ears on this at all.

What we have here is Lil’ Wayne jumping on the track and I didn’t expect to feel any better about the song. Having listened to it though, it actually should have been clear as day that Wayne’s flow would be enjoyable on this sort of production – without doubt his best verse since being released from Rikers Island. Definitely prefer this to the original, even though the beat and hook still turns me off.

Nicki Minaj – Roman’s Revenge 2.0 ft. Lil’ Wayne

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