Nicki Minaj and Drake-Moment 4 Life Video

I’ve not listened to Minaj’s album yet, so wasn’t familiar with this track but understand it’ll be a bit of a big deal. Why? Well, not only is it hip-hop’s golden children, but it’s actually a surprisingly strong track that warrants some attention as a solid hip-hop piece.

Booming drums and bass make for a very simple, driving beat that is embellished brilliantly in the hook with some atmospheric synths, giving the track a well-rounded depth as far as the production goes.

The raps are pretty decent too, with Minaj’s opening verse in particular making for another nice surprise. Video is OK, with a corny Cinderella thematic layed on pretty thick, though that’ll most certainly give it a huge mainstream appeal and is clearly aimed at the youth audience. Main thing for us adults is that Minaj once again makes for great eye candy.

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