Musiq SoulChild and Swizz Beatz-Anything

What a year for soul this could be. Raphael Saadiq’s album is due any minute, Maxwell has confirmed a 2011 release for his next project, and now Musiq comes through with the first single from TheMagicTheMusic.

Enlisting Swizzy to assist on the production, Musiq serves up a fantastically jazzy, upbeat and lively number that crosses those R&B, funk and soul boundaries effortlessly. The production has a very retro-disco feel, with heavy synths alongside the odd guitar pluck making for busy and exciting melodies, whilst the solid percussion line will certainly keep your head nodding. Great vocals as ever from Musiq, switching his style up brilliantly to infuse positivity and passion into his lyrical message of commitment and monogamy to his significant other. A very celebratory, uptempo track that will sit well with almost anyone, I highly recommended giving this one a listen.

Musiq SoulChild-Anything ft. Swizz Beatz

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