Lykke Li-Untitled

A very surreal, yet incredibly thought-provoking video. It’s almost like a very short film, as you’re almost fixated on some great acting from Lykke, as she manages to pull you into a few different direction when trying to glean the message and motives.

It’s not easy to figure out at all, but here’s what I’ve taken from it: it seems to be her burying her past, trying to crush the items of reminder, and doing so in a risky manner that removes concern  about personal, physical consequences. Glamorous but broken, and taking chances (hence the deck of cards?). To me, the video is untitled as it’s an unimaginable/undescribable cause for the consequential Wounded Rhymes, the title of her forthcoming album.

She looks great in this video too, and at times you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t noticed her striking features before (Google doesn’t do her justice). It emphasises just what an all-round talent she is: captivating vocalist, heavily committed to her artistic visions, talented songwriter, and good appearance. Can’t wait for the album.

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