J*Davey-Lazy Daze and Smells Like Teen Spirit

We don’t hear from this superb duo nearly enough, but when we do it’s always great listening. Here they’ve come through with two new efforts, and naturally the eye-catcher is their cover of the Nirvana classic: rightfully so too, as it’s a typically genre-defying effort that imposes the smooth, chilled out J*Davey style onto the track, offering a nice contrast with the intense, energetic original.

Lazy Daze is a really enjoyable track too, merging together a speedier production with their inescapable laidback quality they emit with the vocals and synths to create an interesting and addictive sound. If you’re already a fan, think along the lines of End Of Your World, though it has a strong dance influence on the production. Please guys, keep the good stuff coming!

Click here to preview both tracks, which will be available on an upcoming EP release.

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