Giggs Backstage At Tinchy Stryder Launch Party

A definitely inebriated Giggs takes over Westwood TV and takes us backstage of Tinchy Stryder’s recent album launch party. A must watch as far as I’m concerned, I had no idea Giggs was so hilarious! I was on the fence about him/his music, but after seeing this I’m now a fully fledged fan.

He may have a rep for being “arrrrrd” (being incarcerated for gun possession suggests it’s not just an image) but it’s great seeing him just having fun. People he interviews in this include: Devlin, Ghetts, JME, Skepta, Griminal, Mr Hudson, Tinchy Stryder and a fair few other artists as well as some randomers.

Click on below to see parts 2 and 3 of this (towards the end of part 3 he kicks some freestyles to some American production, ironically one of them being a Young Jeezy beat!).

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