Dirty Money-Ass On The Floor Remixes

Two very different remixes Diddy liberated recently on Twitter of Dirty Money’s single.

The first is an electro remix by Felix Da Housecat, and certainly doesn’t skimp on the dance vibes. I’m not too keen on the version, but purely because I preferred the more relaxed synths of the original, and frankly I’m not the biggest electro head in the world. However, those who do like that sort of music will definitely enjoy this a great deal. The second is actually a mash-up with the ubiquitous Pon De Floor, and matches up (in terms of tempo) quite nicely. Being a mash-up, those drifty synths are left in for the most part, with the odd burst of Pon De Floor‘s melody giving the track a stronger club vibe. Arguably, that melody is a bit overbearing for this sort of track, but it’s worth a listen either way.

Dirty Money-Ass On The Floor (Felix Da Housecat Electro Remix)

Dirty Money-Ass On The Floor (Pon De Floor Mashup)

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