Actual Proof-The Talented Tenth

A nice little addition to hip-hoppers’ collections up for grabs here. I’d never head of Act Proof, a North Carolina duo consisting of Sundown and Enigma, until I saw a few rumblings around these parts over the past few weeks of their upcoming project overseen by prestigious beat-maker 9th Wonder.

“The project is comprised of two sides – The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Experience and The Malcolm X Experience – that will both take listeners on a peaceful journey and give them a sense of urgency.”

If you’re into the ‘newer school’ of lyricists such as Lupe Fiasco, Torae or Skyzoo with jazz and funk-sampling beats, you’ll enjoy this. Get your hands on The Talented Tenth, for free, here.

EDIT: This is a very good, well put-together project with some brilliantly crafted instrumentals and addictive lyricism.

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2 comments to Actual Proof-The Talented Tenth

  • I can’t help but feel this post is aimed at someone like me. Whether it is or not, I’ve downloaded it (even though I had avoided listening to any Actual Proof music before, purely because of their name). Make of that what you will.

  • With so much out there on the Internet it’s funny what ‘gets you’.

    I was a sucker for the artwork and concept of the project. Not particularly the front cover, but the two back covers that divide the LP into two. Just seemed really well put together and the music reflects that.

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