The Five One-Closing Time

“Originially we wanted to use this on our upcoming album “RED BLUE GREEN GOLD” , but due to legal complications we cant. So guess what its free for everyone ! “Closing Time” is a song originally written by a the band Semisonic. In the song there was a memorable line repeated throughout the songs stanzas, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” which made us think about the process of making music and relationships in general. So we jammed around figured out the chords, made 2 rap verses, and decided to make the back bone of this remake a Break Beat to represent two of our favorite things about the 90s. Alternative Rock such as Semisonic and Hip Hop ala Souls of Mischief and A Tribe Called Quest. Respect.”

Shame this won’t make the album as it’s a very strong track, one that will be in my playlist for weeks to come, as it should be yours too. The Five One have a very unique essence, not just in their music, but everything about them. Click below if that’s your thing (it’s what this site is all about, so it should be!).

The Five One – Closing Time

New Singles From Wiz Khalifa & XV

I would have got these posted over the weekend but I’ve been busy, apologies.

XV brings us a song that’s been very well received by all, so if you like this too you’ll definitely enjoy his upcoming album, as he’s already stated this is the sound he’s going for with the album. Unsure whether this song will be on it, but it’s certainly good enough for it to be. Produced by J. Cole, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because you could easily hear him spitting on a beat like this. Download —–> XV – Smallville

Wiz’s new single will be on his new album, and is produced by Stargate. Subject matter is the same as per usual, but with a more mainstream appealing vibe. This track is good and it’s good to see his versatility, but I much prefer tracks like Black & Yellow from him. Download —–> Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

Yasmin-On My Own Acoustic

Attack of the insanely talented UK singers! Just recently we got a superb live/acoustic performance from Daley, and now we’re treated to another (good job SB.TV!) from the fantastically-gifted Yasmin.

If (bizarrely) there were ever any doubts about Yasmin’s potential, they’re massacred to the point of disintegration here with a genuinely brilliant performance of her debut single, On My Own. The vocals are really on point as she storms through the soulful track with verve, passion and most importantly a degree of comfort that suggests she’s very much at home in the music game.

It would be remiss of me to not point out her fantastic appearance too, oozing a warmth and style that further demonstrates just why her mainstream breakout is inevitable. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab On My Own, which is (finally!) available on iTunes: you can’t argue with paying mere pennies for quality music.

(Also, was that filmed at the Flannels in Birmingham?)

Lloyd Banks ft. Young Jeezy-Start It Up Remix

Following on from the UK Remix of Banks’ smash Start It Up Young Jeezy comes through and add a verse to another official remix.

As well as the Jeezy verse added to the beginning of the joint, which has to be said is fire, Banks has also laid down a different verse than his original which helps to freshen the whole thing up. The new Banks verse is much better than his previous effort, but with the time he’s had to come up with it, it should be. I’d actually say this is a far stronger version overall than the original, so if you liked that (who didn’t?!) make sure you grab this.

Lloyd Banks ft. Young Jeezy-Start It Up Remix

Genesis Elijah-Battle Cry [Video]

Genesis Elijah goes in on one of my favourite tracks of last year (originally done by Joell Ortiz) and absolutely spazzes out. I was a little surprised other emcees didn’t really take this beat on, given how epic it is and even more surprised to see a UK emcee spit on it. Delighted that Genesis Elijah has though and supplements it with a video for us to enjoy too.

Lyrically it’s clear to see Genesis is in a league of his own right now in this country. Following from a decent 2010 for him, expect to hear a lot more from him this year.

“I don’t do rap battles, I do killing sprees”

Chase & Status ft. Cee-Lo Green-Brixton Briefcase

Taken from their No More Idols album which is set for release tomorrow, Chase & Status have hooked up with the Lady Killer himself Cee-Lo Green. You can go to their Youtube page and preview the whole album right now. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Dizzee track and have had a few people saying it’s going to be massive (it is), well Murray posted this waaay back in the summer, so if you’d like to get your hands on that click here.

Anyway, back to this track, It’s quite a surprising collaboration as I’d have never thought I’d see Cee-Lo anywhere near a Dubstep single. His vocals work perfectly over Chase & Status’ big dubstep production though, leaving us with a track that just has that ‘epic’ feeling.

The Streets-Cyberspace and Reds [Mixtape]

With the Streets final album, Computers and Blues, set to be released soon Mike Skinner let this mixtape out on his blog. I’ve not had a chance to listen to it myself yet, but it sounds interesting to say the least. Read after the jump to see what I’m referring to and to check the track list out.

The Streets-Cyberspace and Reds

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McKenzie Eddy, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa-Silence

Very different style of track for Wiz and Curren$y, and I’m quite glad I stumbled on this pop-hip-hop-alternative hybrid as it could be a pretty huge sound in 2011, and hence McKenzie Eddy could have quite the bright future with this eclectic track.

The track opens with haunting vocals that are supplemented superbly by simple melodies, further enhancing the dark, solitary vibe and adding some credence to the Silence title. The great thing is that the track does therefore have a ready-made ‘upscale’, with soft percussion hits added in for the Curren$y and Wiz verses, adding structure and depth to their respective contributions. Eddy’s vocals clearly don’t need this extra support though, holding the track together with an ethereal, atmospheric quality that really warrants attention. You can grab both the track and the mixtape below.

McKenzie Eddy-Silence ft. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa
McKenzie Eddy-A Prelude to My Next Excursion

The Lonely Island ft. Nicki Minaj-The Creep [Video]

A little bit of light hearted entertainment for you on this mellow Sunday afternoon. After their last single I Just Had Sex ft. Akon, The Lonely Island continue to get major names from the hip-hop world to collab with them as Nicki Minaj joins them on their latest effort. (It’s nice to see someone else attempt my dance moves, my mother would be so proud….)

Money Making Jam Boys-Day Job

Maybe not a name that’s familiar yet, but when you see who the group is comprised of, you’ll be looking to change that: de facto leader Black Thought of The Roots, accompanied by frequent Roots collaborators Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS. Talented bunch of guys, and with a mixtape on the horizon (Feb. 3rd) we’re treated to a very solid track from The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic.

The old-school, raw feel of this production will really win over the hip-hop heads, with pounding drum and bass hits tied with a mesmerising set of melodies and catchy sampled hook, making for an addictive and captivating production that is comfortably one of the best beats in recent memory. The raps certainly deliver too, and there aren’t any weak links at all in the set. Very, very strong hip-hop.

Money Making Jam Boys-Day Job

Creep and Romy of The xx-Days Video

Fitting video for one of the highlight tracks of the alternative scene in recent months. I’ve got serious expectations for both this track and Creep as a duo.

The track is dark and a little futuristic, and both elements are captured superbly here with an ominous yet psychedelic video that makes fantastic use of various lighting effects and benefits from some skilled cinematography. It’s a little odd and quirky too, with lots of isolated, lonesome figures and instances of blood, levitation and so on: it all adds to the package appropriately, fitting the ethereal and experimental feel of the track. A first class all-round package, don’t sleep on this track. Available on iTunes right now!

Jim Jones-The Crash

I don’t usually bother with Jones’ tracks too much, but there’s a degree of respect for this one as he recently survived a pretty serious car crash, and now takes to the mic to detail his experience.

It’s actually a pretty good effort too, as he tells the story of the situation in a captivating and concise manner, making this one of his most conscious and worthwhile tracks of his career. The production isn’t lacking either, with a vintage jazz influence that gives this a ‘back street open mic night’ feel. It’s funny how rapping about something that actually happened (as opposed to the ‘drug dealer’ schtick) adds so much passion to someone’s raps eh?

Jim Jones-The Crash

Good Charlotte-Sex on the Radio Video

Not a massive fan of Good Charlotte (with the exception of this unbelievably good song), but you have to commend their originality with this video as they hit the streets to get public feedback on the track in question.

The compilation of footage makes up the video, and is pretty entertaining viewing. Glad to see they didn’t just include the positive feedback, leaving in such gems as ‘they sound like young teenagers who are screwed up in the head’. Nice little advertising spots for Beats by Dre throughout too.

Daley-Blame The World (Acoustic)

An upcoming singer that oozes potential, Daley comes through with a fantastic acoustic performance for SB.TV. Unbelievable set of vocals on this guy, as he comes through with a rousing and passionate performance of a track from his upcoming EP.

How bright is the UK scene right now?! Daley, Ed Sheeran and Yasmin are easily three of the best talents in the music industry by my reckoning, and that’s counting the US upcomers too. Can’t wait to hear more from this guy, and after watching this video I’d be surprised if you disagree.

Click here to check out past Daley material. His cover of Maxwell’s Pretty Wings in particular is phenomenal.

R&B Fridays: Episode 85

To me, any time between midnight and 4am counts as the ‘night before’, so by my reckoning this is still a Friday night and hence on time. Don’t question it, just embrace it.

Short recap this week, with just the three noteworthy and relevant posts from the R&B/pop world: Tinie Tempah and Ellie Goulding’s collaboration got some visuals, a pretty interesting electro remix of Diddy-Dirty Money’s I Hate That You Love Me was liberated, and finally Musiq Soulchild came through with one of the better tracks of January, with his first single from his upcoming sixth album.

Formalities are now dealt with, commence your clicking as of right…now.

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Nicki Minaj and Drake-Moment 4 Life Video

I’ve not listened to Minaj’s album yet, so wasn’t familiar with this track but understand it’ll be a bit of a big deal. Why? Well, not only is it hip-hop’s golden children, but it’s actually a surprisingly strong track that warrants some attention as a solid hip-hop piece.

Booming drums and bass make for a very simple, driving beat that is embellished brilliantly in the hook with some atmospheric synths, giving the track a well-rounded depth as far as the production goes.

The raps are pretty decent too, with Minaj’s opening verse in particular making for another nice surprise. Video is OK, with a corny Cinderella thematic layed on pretty thick, though that’ll most certainly give it a huge mainstream appeal and is clearly aimed at the youth audience. Main thing for us adults is that Minaj once again makes for great eye candy.

SB.TV - Flexplicit, Royce Da 5'9

Saw this kicking around yesterday, wrestled with myself whether to post or not, posted it today. Glad I did.

This track showcases the strength of the UK Grime scene right now with Royce teaming up with some underground UK emcees over a heavy instrumental emblematic of our Grime scene.

Some tidy in-studio visuals too which I feel always emphasise the thought process and delivery of the subject matter in question.

Timbaland-Lil Apartment ft. Attitude & 6 Two

A little later than usual but here’s the latest track from Timbaland Thursdays. Continuing his good form – the beat on this track is another cracker, with a fitting chorus.

A much more darker feel to the song than the previous two weeks in this series, it’s good to see Timbo is trying to give us a bit of everything. Apparently he’s having legal issues with regards to this weekly series (literally have no idea as to why) so this weekly feature may not last for much longer unfortunately.

Timbaland – Lil Apartment ft. Attitude & 6 Two

Wiz Khalifa ft. Too Short–On My Level [Video]

Set to feature on his upcoming album Rolling Papers, hip-hop’s man of the moment Wiz Khalifa drops his latest video On My Level.

If ever there was a stereotypical hip-hop video this would be it: Smoking illegal substances – Check, Hot women – Check, Alcohol – Check, Stood alone rapping in a remote location – Check, Bling – Check. Usually it wouldn’t interest me in the slightest (honest guv), but the visuals do exactly what they need to for the track emphasising the whole chilled out, swag vibe Wiz is on. (On a side note, is it just me or does Too Short look nothing like you’d imagined him to?)

Dirty Money-I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie's Marquee Remix)

Oddly, I was actually in the process of finally listening to Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris album yesterday, and lo and behold  Diddy had liberated a remix by one of Netherlands’ finest, Chuckie.

The original is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album, and this remix completely alters the R&B/pop feel of the track into a huge electro/dance effort. The first third of the track is very heavy on the electro synths, and almost verges on techno at times, but it’s within the middle portion that the track really shines as the superb vocals of the original are layered over a piano-driven melody that supplements the club vibe of the track nicely. Worth a listen for the electro heads.

Diddy-Dirty Money-I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie’s Marquee Remix)

Lykke Li-I Follow Rivers Video

A place like no other, a love like no other. A love like a drug, she loves like the river, a love caught on fire, fueled by desire. Where you running, who you running from? A love story with no end and no beginning”.

A dark, wintery video for Lykke’s fantastic single. Huge fan of this track, and they’ve definitely taken it in the right direction with an intense, well-produced video that could spawn a multitude of interpretations amongst viewers.

The predominant one for me was the idea that no matter where he goes, thoughts of her will invariably follow until he gives in to them. Fairly obvious I suppose, but conveyed in a powerful way here. Definitely worth a watch.

The Portland Cello Project-All of the Lights Orchestral Cover

This is unbelievably good. The interlude for the original was an enjoyable orchestral-style short, and the Portland Cello Project expand that into a full cover of both the interlude and the main song of the highest order.

It’s always great to see these crossovers from the classical world (as I recall, The String Quartet used to really lead the way in this respect. Are they still around?), and this most certainly makes for brilliant listening. They capture the energy, passion and uplifting vibe of the original without the use of any vocals, which is a fantastic testament to their ability as musicians. A must-watch.

Game, Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga-White Soft Porn

Immediately after releasing Purp and Patron, Game announced The Hangover which would contain 10/11 tracks that didn’t make the final cut of P&P. The first of those efforts has already landed, as he links up with a few of hip-hop’s rising stars for an interestingly-titled track.

I’ve not listened to the whole of P&P yet, but the feedback seems to be mixed: some love it, some hate it. I suspect this track could go the same way, as the production has an 80s pop feel that’ll definitely divide opinion. Personally, I quite like the track and think the upbeat, retro vibe makes a nice addition to Game’s catalogue, and certainly fits Asher and Tyga superbly. Asher’s verse in particular is a highlight, with a tongue-twisting flow highlighting Roth’s versatility as a rapper. One that’ll be even more enjoyable when the weather gets a little brighter.

Game-White Soft Porn ft. Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga

Mr. Brady and Aloe Blacc-Catch

A very chilled out, relaxing slice of hip-hop for you to enjoy here, as producer Mr. Brady serves up a beautifully laidback production that makes for very smooth listening. From the velvety melodies to the soft snare hits, it’s most certainly one of the most easy listening beats I’ve heard recently.

Aloe Blacc was undoubtedly one of soul music’s breakout stars of 2010, but here he returns to his rapping roots with a series of well-delivered verses that remind folk he’s most certainly still got the skills as a rapper: Aloe’s early boast of ‘I can do whatever I simply, feel like doing, if I feel like doing it‘ in the track rings true, as he transitions back from his recent singing escapades with a combination of slick flows and motivational lyricism.

Mr. Brady-Catch ft. Aloe Blacc

ProbCause-Look At Me Now [Freestyle]

Underground Chicago emcee ProbCause has recently announced he’ll be joining Twista on a tour of the US Midwest. In response to this ProbCause has gone in on my favourite beat of the year so far, Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now (of which Twista has already himself remixed ). It’s a more than commendable effort too, I have to say his flow is superb and definitely does justice to the beat.

ProbCause-Look At Me Now [Freestyle]

The Game-I’m The King [In-Studio Video]

Nice quick studio performance of one of my favourite Game tracks in recent times.

You can go read my thoughts on this song and also pick up the audio for it by clicking here. As I said then, this is unlike any other Game song, so very chilled out. If I was silly enough to smoke, I’d definitely smoke to this song all day everyday.

Go grab his much talked about Purp & Patron double mixtape over here!

T.I. and Rico Love-Lay Me Down Video

Surprising track from T.I., as we’re given a very mainstream/club-oriented effort with hints of 2003 Tip thrown in. It’s very solid though, and works very well as a catchy, uncomplicated head-nodder.

The highlight of the track is undoubtedly the production, with a stepped, chimey melody bringing a playful vibe to the track, whilst thick bass and percussion work keeps the tempo from being carried away by those melodies. Rico’s hook is actually surprisingly enjoyable too, with the distorted and chopped effect working well with the ‘sleazy’ feel of the video. Fairly regular raps from Tip, with his flow diversity being a notable feature of the rhymes on this occasion.

J.Y.-Little Maria ft. Michael Charles [Video]

The first single from J.Y.’s recent street album – The Slave Shift: Waking Down. Called Little Maria, this is a song that typifies J.Y.’s intricate storytelling ability alongside a very likeable flow, and with Michael Charles coming through with a powerful hook, gives this track all the elements it needs to portray the dark mood of the song. Check out the official video for this to the left, and click here to download it.

Another track released from the street album is The Sun’s Not Enough which has a more classic hip hop undertone, click over here to grab this track.

Alternatively you can grab the whole album these two tracks are on (for free) by clicking below.

J.Y.-The Slave Shift: Waking Down [Album]

JonnyGo Figure-Brooklyn Bloke [Video]

This is the latest single to be released by Brooklyn based artist JonnyGo Figure, taken from his debut EP Awkward Spelling.

I’ve only recently been made aware of JonnyGo but I highly recommend you take a minute to have a listen to his music, especially if you like your hip-hop a little more diverse. You can preview and download his Awkward Spelling EP for free from here.