The Lonely Island and Akon-I Just Had Sex Video

They’re back! The Lonely Island return with a hilarious effort, and keep the same formula as another worryingly good production is accompanied by laugh-out-loud lyrics. Akon seems to be having a great time and does exactly what T-Pain did on I’m On A Boat, poking a little fun at himself and the pop industry, and his famed vocals and background adlibs are put to good use (specifically ‘manuuuree!‘).

The video maybe isn’t as ‘immediately’ funny as their previous two ‘big’ tracks, but you’ll find more and more with each watch: parodying Katy Perry’s chest fireworks from the Firework video at the end is up there as a highlight! It’s got a few good cameos too, notably Jessica Alba (who looks awesome as usual), and John McEnroe. Welcome back guys!

Audio can, and should, be grabbed here.

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