The Bullits, Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu–Close Your Eyes

I’ve not heard of The Bullits, but I can only assume they’re a big deal (or have a lot of money) as they’ve grabbed Lucy Liu to narrate this video, and Jay Electronica to contribute a verse to the track.

Close Your Eyes is a psychedelic amalgamation of indie, pop, electronica and vintage soul, and makes for addictive listening. The vocals are hauntingly captivating, and the diverse production is powerfully driven by a steady percussion that emphasises the melodies nicely. Jay’s verse is short but fits in comfortably, with a varied flow that contains some nice lyricism and switches the vibe of the track at the right time.

The scene at the beginning of the video defacing an eye will make you feel pretty queasy, and whilst it’s an unsettling video the combination of vintage and bizarre keeps you morbidly curious enough to watch more. Overall, a strong, unique audio-visual from an act I’ll be keeping an eye (…) out for.

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