Nicki Minaj and Busta Rhymes-Roman’s Revenge Remix

Sorry for not posting this earlier, my weekend absence mixed things up somewhat. This remix had been rumoured for quite some time, and there was a lot of hype about it as word was that Busta seriously went in on his verse: I can confirm that’s true.

I really wasn’t feeling the original at all, but hearing Busta snap and turn back the clock with a passionate, intense performance is absolutely worth listening to. He comes through with that high-speed flow, which goes into some ridiculously tongue-twisting segments, and is accompanied by his usual craziness with snarls and growls. This beat is absolutely made for Busta, and it’s a shame it ended up with Minaj: someone out there needs to cut her verse out and throw Em’s back in!

Nicki Minaj-Roman’s Revenge Remix ft. Busta Rhymes

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