Lloyd Banks, Sway and Giggs-Start It Up UK Remix

Another great look for the UK hip-hop scene. Banks grabs two of the UK’s prominent rappers (and arguably the best one in Sway) for the official UK remix to his fantastic Start It Up.

Given that Banks’ verse is the same as that on the original, Sway definitely (and unsurprisingly) has the best verse of the two, coming through with some likeable lines and good diversity in his flow. Giggs’ contribution isn’t bad either, though if you’re not a fan of his slow style, you’re unlikely to change that opinion here as he comes through with the same deliberate delivery. Kanye’s verse is also left in for good measure, and this is definitely one to check out for fans of the original, and of course supporters of our UK scene.

Lloyd Banks-Start It Up (UK Remix) ft. Sway, Giggs, Swizz Beatz and Kanye West

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