Jesse Boykins III-B4 The Night Is Thru

B4 The Night Is Thru is about looking for someone to share love in rhythm. When producer Machine Drum and I created this tune it started as conversation on how you go out just to party and dance the night away; but how hard it is to find that someone to move with because of culture of the time we’ve living in. The song is merely reminiscent of those times when you could dance with someone you didn’t know all night with no pressure, no expectations… just the rhythm and movement.” -Jesse Boykins III

A great quote to set this song up. The production is a thumping combination of R&B and soul, with a retro sensibility that throws in a real addictive quality. Jesse’s vocals are as smooth, drifty and relaxed as ever, juxtaposing brilliantly with the power and drive of the production. Superb track, definitely worth checking out.

Jesse Boykins III-B4 The Night Is Thru

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