Jamie Foxx and Drake-Fall For Your Type Video

I have to say that the Jamie Foxx version of this track has overtaken the Drake version as my preference. Unquestionably, Jamie’s the better vocalist and I think the novelty of finally hearing that full Drake version wore off quickly, as Jamie synergises more with the production and lyrics. That’s no slur to Drake as his version is undeniably superb too, and belated praise is due to Drake for one of his best verses to date.

Huge fan of this video. The atmosphere of the production is visualised brilliantly with a heavy focus on bleak cityscapes and empty rooms, with symbolism of breaking/shattering throughout, and held together with a dark colour scheme. When combined with a story that fleshes out the (underrated) songwriting fantastically, you’ve got one of the R&B videos of the year. This video deserves to be watched, and the accompanying audio is available at the links in the opening lines of this post.
(Also, is that Jessica Burciaga in the video? Falling for her type is understandable/recommended)

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2 comments to Jamie Foxx and Drake-Fall For Your Type Video

  • Really good video, Drake not being on set and having to have his own visuals tagged on in the way it was done in this vid felt a bit tacky to me though, which is unfortunate.

  • Yeah, agreed there. His part is only really saved by the little bits of the main ‘story’ that are interspersed within.

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