Eve and Swizz Beatz-Hot Steppa #1

#MonsterMondays are seemingly the only significant weekly series left, and this week we’re treated to the rarity of hearing Eve on a track.

I really enjoyed last week’s instalment (even if Liam didn’t!), and this is another decent effort. Swizzy serves up one of his better productions in recent times, with a superbly layered beat that boasts a whole host of melodies, creating an intense and driven production. Eve most certainly comes on the right tip for this one too, bringing some decent raps that suggest she’s focused on getting back to the hip-hop game. As far as female MCs go, Eve is one of the few that I’ve not really had reason to criticise, and hopefully this is the start of her releasing regular material again.

Eve and Swizz Beatz-Hot Steppa #1

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