Eminem and Alicia Keys-Cocaine

Believed to be a cut from Eminem’s 2004 album Encore (though some of the lyrics and delivery suggest it could be a lot more recent), we’re treated to a huge collaboration that could have comfortably stood out on any of Em’s albums, particularly Recovery.

The production is very captivating, with a solid percussion line anchoring the track, whilst wistful and orchestral-style melodies create a backdrop that suits Eminem’s thoughtful lyricism perfectly. He’s certainly on good form with his raps here, as he details his ‘addiction’ to hip-hop, and the consequential ‘side effects’ of fame on relationships and personality: hence, I think it may be a more recent track, as it fits the subject matter and lyrical style of his newer material. Alicia is on great form as ever, taking on this atmospheric beat brilliantly with her smooth vocals for both the hook and a verse of her own. Top all-round track, and it’s a huge loss that it wasn’t included on any albums…unless it’s set for an upcoming one.

Edit (Indi): Replaced with a stream, as this is an unauthorised leak that the Shady camp are unhappy with!

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