Benoit and Sergio-Midnight People (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

For the first time, I find myself willing to listen to tracks I’ve never heard of based on the fact Cassettes Won’t Listen is/are on the remix. The track record of quality remixes is undeniable, and another is served up here as Midnight People undergoes the treatment.

The original is a very likeable blend of chillout house and a more uptempo electro feel, with a genuinely epic and grand feel about the track. This remix really plays off the latter, giving the track a solid grounding in an uptempo movement that is incredibly infectious. The choppy melodies and steady percussion make for a comfortable yet exciting listening experience and whilst it is anchored in an uptempo style, the relaxed vibe of the original still shines through in parts, giving this track a well-rounded feel. Superb track.

Benoit and Sergio-Midnight People (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

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