Trey Songz-Aston Martin Music Remix

As Trey said on his Twitter, guess who’s back! Very few in the R&B world can hold a candle (what an odd saying…) to Trey when it comes to remixes, and that wonderful consistency is on full display here.

Trey adds his own touch everywhere: the background vocals are revamped, the hook benefits from some adlibs/additional vocals, and he’s replaced all of the verses with his own. He comes through with his rapping style for the verses, and seems to be really progressing in that aspect as it sounds significantly less awkward than it used to, with some good flows and decent rhymes throughout. The highlight is definitely his work on the hook though-it takes some doing to improve on a Chrisette Michele and Drake chorus!

Trey Songz-Aston Martin Music Remix

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