T.I. ft. Jazmine Sullivan - Dying In Your Arms

This track is supposedly from T.I.’s up and coming  (I use that term very loosely, due to him serving another prison sentence) album No Mercy.

Here he links up with Jazmine Sullivan, unfortunately with no great effect. It’s another disappointing effort from Tip. I’m usually the first person to champion his work, but this just sounds weak . It’s not your typical Southern banger, the track has more of  a reggae feel to it, which in fairness suits T.I.’s flow quite well. Jazmine’s vocals add nothing special to the song either (I’m not going to lie, had I not have known who was singing, I could’ve quite easily have mistaken her for a male vocalist). I’m sure it’ll still go down a treat with Tip’s mainstream fans though, so grab the audio

T.I-Dying In Your Arms ft. Jazmine Sullivan

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