Sha Stimuli’s Monday Rambles

We all know by now that Sha Stimuli isn’t your average emcee. For the past few weeks I’ve been keenly following his Monday Rambles over on his blog. I’ve already complimented Sha on his work (and he, of course, responded) as it’s thoroughly refreshing to be able to engage in such a way with an artist whose music you enjoy. It offers so much more than just a 140-character ‘bite’ on how your emcee is feeling today, or where they are going for dinner tonight. Oh, and Sha ties it all together with his evident sense of quirky humour.

I found the blog after Sha tweeted about an article he wrote on why Biggie was the best. I’ve been hooked ever since. This week’s ramble is about holding babies, wearing stopped watches and FREE (insert name) Tees…

Head over to Sha’s Monday Rambles and take a read yourself.

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