Royce Da 5’9″-Where’s My Money, From The Skyline OST

Whilst we’re on the subject of film soundtracks, here goes Royce’s contribution to Skyline. Bit of an unusual mix this, as this is a particularly bouncy and upbeat track from Royce, which doesn’t seem to fit with the apocalyptic, extra-terrestrial feel of the film itself.

Regardless, the film is going to be a big blockbuster so it’s awesome to see Royce getting this kind of exposure. He comes through with those typically brash, honest lyrics along with his straight-laced flow, characteristically interspersed with burst of energy and emotion. Probably not the type of production I like to hear Royce on as it feels a bit too ‘jazzy’, but it’s new Royce: no-one in hip-hop is as consistent with the rhymes.

Royce Da 5’9″-Where’s My Money

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