Royce & Eminem-Living Proof

UPDATE: Tagless version available for streaming below. Sorry, but it’s just so awesome they understandably don’t want it leaked!

Never mind Session One (or even the imminent Session Two) or the fact that Slaughterhouse are pretty much signed to Shady. This is what all Bad Meets Evil fans have been clamoring after since we first heard that Em and Royce had squashed their beef over the phone back in March ’08.

Over a much-sampled James Brown Funky Dummer loop we are all reminded how Royce is one of the top emcees in the game as, once again, he provides as much firepower as his Detroit counterpart. In Royce, Em really has met his lyrical match and thus you just know this scares the hell out of 95% of the industry. Needless to say: This = heavy rotation.

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