Nosaj Thing-Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)

Apologies for being a few days late on this: given the glut of new music over the last few days, it got lost in the mix!

Nosaj’s original Coat of Arms was undoubtedly a very experimental, elemental piece, and really exuded a haunting atmosphere. The Boreta remix spins this into a more electro direction, with a pulsating drumbeat giving this track a powerful anchor for the sharp-edged synths to work from. That’s cyclically complimented by a drop in tempo and intensity, initially in the middle section and later at the end, reverting back to the slower, more atmospheric nature of the original. It’s this variety keeps the track compelling and mesmerising, with both sections equally rich in their production, making for a great all-round piece of experimental electro.

Nosaj Thing-Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)

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