Royce & Eminem-Echo

: Tagless added. Apparently the final version has a verse from TI… Guess that explains Em’s closing bars. Stay tuned!

This is just getting plain silly (and I’ve got another one to come after this!). What a week for hip-hop!

Royce and Em hit us with another Bad Meets Evil joint. You thought the first was good? This one is better. The beat and chorus give off a dramatic, rock-inspired edge, something we’ve seen Em do alot of recently and actually doesn’t sound too far off his Recovery material. Once again and as expected, Royce and Em absolutely tear this to shreds. It’s not only fantastic to get material from these two, but actual complete songs which have real replay value and not just them flexing their lyrical weight.

Royce Da 5’9″ & Eminem-Echo

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