Lil' Kim-Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)

I have to be honest: on diss tracks, Kim has just blown Minaj out of the water here. Whilst it’s undeniably lame that there’s no real reason for this ‘beef’ other than female jealousy, as well as the fact Kim seems to take issue with pretty much every other female rapper, we may as well enjoy the music and Kim comes through with some vicious bars on this one.

Borrowing Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says, Kim adopts a far more direct approach than Minaj’s more veiled Roman’s Revenge, as she hits Minaj pretty hard throughout with some decent lines accompanied by some good diversity in her flow. With the Nicki Minaj novelty wearing off for most of us (above a certain age), there’s undoubtedly growing support for Kim in this petty war, although she unecessarily goes at pretty much everyone else in this track too (Diddy, Drake, Young Money etc.). However, major laughs at the end of the track with the Minaj impression!

Lil’ Kim-Black Friday

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