Jeremih Responds To Keenan Cahill Video, & Talks Big Sean Collabs

The homies at Gowhere Hip Hop caught up with Jeremih recently for an interview and “got his take on a few hot topic items. He responded to Keenan Cahill’s video, which already yielded 7 million more eyes towards his single “Down On Me” f/ 50 Cent. Jeremih says “Even on itunes it went from 22 to #7 in a matter of overnight!”

He also touched on a new mixtape he’s gonna drop featuring a Big Sean and Paul Wall collab called “Old School Pontiac”, while promising another collabo for Sean’s upcoming album as well. Speaking on Big Sean’s skills Jeremih said, “If people like Drake and other great rappers out there, he’s right up there with em.”

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