J. Cole and Drake-In The Morning

I’m surprised Cole let loose of another track from the tape, he’d already built enough hype! The first time we get to hear these guys work together and it’s arguably the most anticipated from FNL, with both artists referencing it in interviews this week.

Another solid piano melody provides the key production element, and when combined with the mellow percussion work creates a style that suits both artists well. Drake and Cole come on very different tips, with Drake’s more sultry style playing off Cole’s brashness nicely. For that reason, it’s not the kind of track whereby you can claim either had the better verse (something Drake alluded to in the aformentioned interview), which makes this much more enjoyable. Another great Cole track, and a very worthwhile collaboration. Click here to catch up with the previous drops from FNL, and below for this track.

J. Cole-In The Morning ft. Drake

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