Eminem & Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor

I think my eyes, ears, fingers and laptop are going into meltdown. So music is (are?) like buses, huh?

Where to start with this. Well after a pensive intro which sounds remarkably like Rihanna (*prepares to offend R&B heads*) the beat, which is unexpectedly unusual, kicks in and Em dominates the mic with a passionate Love The Way You Lie type verse of which he dedicates to his long-time mentor and friend: Dre himself. The hook follows with equally powerful vocals thus rendering the track much more wholesome and listenable then, after another quick few bars from Em, Dre takes centre stage with a pin-point (presumably ghostwritten – hmmm Royce?) delivered verse.

This is utterly brilliant, but not 100% finished yet and (Indi tells me) it’s not been mastered yet. Patience people, if we could get you the moon, we would do that too.

Eminem & Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor

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