Diddy, Dirty Money & Skepta – Hello Good Morning Grime Remix [Video]

Official video for what was a massive moment for Grime music, and Skepta himself. Hopefully we will see some more US hip-hop artists collaborate with our compatriots, we’ve seen B.o.B collab with Giggs, and recently Jay-Z has given Tinie Tempah the thumbs up, so I’m sure we’ll see more of that happening over the next few years. What I would personally like to see is these same US artists helping to break the UK ones over in the US, without our artists sacrificing their true sound.

Anyway, the video itself is pretty decent, for what is very much a ‘dark’ club track we have some scenes in a club and scenes out in the streets to give the song that added feel of authenticity. A few cameos too from what I saw, (Chipmunk and possibly Rodney P!?).

Audio can be squirrelled from here.

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1 comment to Diddy, Dirty Money & Skepta – Hello Good Morning Grime Remix [Video]

  • This is big. Almost as big as that time Diddy gave a shout out to OTU.

    Although the man has his haters, I personally have nothing but love for that man. I mean, he got Biggie’s career up and running. So who can be mad with that? Yeah he’s done some bad things and I always wonder how he sleeps with that toothpick in his mouth all the time but now we are best buddies I can’t hate too much.

    Good video btw and big for the UK scene. Skepta must have been buzzing.

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