Daley Covers Maxwell’s Pretty Wings

Wow. After re-visiting his work on the recent Gorillaz track, I went on a little scouting mission to learn about UK singer Daley, and it looks like I’ve uncovered something/someone rather special.

Maxwell’s 2009 Blacksummers’night is a modern-day masterpiece (review here), and Daley takes on one of the prominent works from that album with incredible quality, and delivers a rendition which is every bit as good as the original. Being a huge Maxwell fan that’s tough for me to say, but there is no doubting the talent Daley possesses: this particular track is as tough a test as you’ll find when it comes to vocal versatility, but he manages to both smooth and upscale his vocals comfortably throughout, delivering a relaxed yet powerful performance. I can’t praise this enough.

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5 comments to Daley Covers Maxwell’s Pretty Wings

  • SoopaMayne

    I was getting ready to chew your arse because I’m a huge Maxwell fan as well and your review offended me! But just listened to it and yes, he has a fantastic voice but no way is that as good as the original. Daley does a great job, a polished, studio version would give us a better idea but man, that Maxwell song is a modern classic.

  • In honesty, I should have been clearer on my comparison: I wasn’t trying to compare Maxwell’s studio version with this live one, I was (mentally, at least) comparing it to a live performance of the track by Maxwell I’ve seen. I’ll accept the blame, that did NOT come across properly.

  • SoopaMayne

    man I now I feel like a prick. Haha. I know what you mean though =D. We’re all defensive of our favourite artists init.

  • To be honest, I count Maxwell as one of my favourites artists ever so I completely sympathise: I’d react in exactly the same way! If I hadn’t written it in such a flurry of excitement, maybe I’d have been a bit more objective. Oh well.

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