Chipmunk-Champion ft. Chris Brown

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, that’s right Chipmunk, a UK rapper. Despite success on the mainstream scene, he’s got many, many critics (including myself), but has now managed to collaborate with one of America’s biggest R&B stars.

His recent appearances on Pow 2011, Tinchy’s posse cut Game Over, and his latest single have all been very good and have slowly worked to change my opinion of him. This is another track where I can’t hate on the guy: he isn’t Grime, but he doesn’t pretend to be.

A very good effort here, one that’s bound to be a big mainstream hit, as well as one that Chris Brown fans will love as he brings his A-game for the hook. Can see this getting some airplay in the States, and added to the rumours floating about that a collabo with Drake, 2011 could be a very big year for this 19-year old.

Chipmunk – Champion ft. Chris Brown

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4 comments to Chipmunk-Champion ft. Chris Brown

  • Jo

    I love it. First teambreezy all over the world will be all over this. The hook is catchy plus I don’t know any UK rappers but now I do. Is he hated bc his rhymes are simple? We have that here in America with rappers like souljaboy… IMO good for them. They work and provide for their families and if u don’t like them, don’t listen.

  • Yeah you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head there, very much like Soulja Boy, but not so much with the basic rhymes (although that certainly plays a part) but more that his music for the majority of his career so far has been exclusively aimed at 13 year old girls. Over the last month or so Chipmunk seems to be rectifying this, and if he’s making tracks like this Chris Brown collabo, then he will gain a lot more respect in the future.

    Also, according to Chris Brown’s twitter, this isn’t the finished version, the finished version will have a “really deep and heartfelt verse” by Chris Brown himself! So something else for Chris Brown fans to look forward to.

  • Ethan

    i’m hyped for that verse man!!!great song

  • Chrisbrownfan

    was gutted that chris brown is doing a song with the laughing stock of the u.k. everyone apart from 10year old girls hates him and his fat head. absolutely gutted.

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