Dirty Money-Coming Home Video

Another very fitting video from the Dirty Money trio. Diddy, Dawn and Kalenna put together a deserted, lonely and searching video that fits with the bittersweet nature of the audio, and adds a well-rounded set of visuals to their most ‘complete’ song to date.

The isolation adds further emphasis to Diddy’s rhymes, which as mentioned when reviewing the audio, are surprisingly heartfelt and sincere. Not packing videos with complex storylines and thematics tends to retain the identity of the audio/lyrics, and doesn’t muddle that image with additional messages: it’s the right move for this track, as the simple and effective visuals add weight to the tone and vibe of the track.

Audio can be found here.

30 Seconds To Mars-Hurricane Video

Debuted last night, 30STM put together a 13-minute clip for the huge song from their 2009 This Is War album, successfully amalgamating Jared Leto’s acting credentials with his musical side.

The video has a very isolated, apocalyptic feel running throughout that mirrors the nature of the track superbly. There are also strong sexual and violent themes that seems to work in an incongruent way to the audio, which certainly surprises you somewhat.

Storyline-wise, there’s an awful lot going on that I can’t really fit into this small space. I’ll work on a longer review, as this is a really captivating piece and I’m growing to love these extended music video/film blends. Definitely worth a watch.

Raheem DeVaughn-Jackin' 4 Beats Mixtape

Radio Raheem comes through with his latest project, and it’s one I can’t wait to listen to. The tracks we’ve caught so far, as well as his other recent material, have all been of a really high standard and hence I’ve got great expectations for this tape.

From the looks of the tracklist, it seems as though it’s predominantly a covers/remixes mixtape, which works fine for me and will probably serve as a good introduction for those of you who are unfamiliar with the man’s work. Click here to catch whatever we’ve released from him thus far, and head below for the full tape.

Raheem DeVaughn-Jackin’ 4 Beats

Shy FX ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor-Raver [Video]

Kano once again shows off his versatility by spitting on this dance/reggae hybrid of a track by Shy FX, from Shy FX’s upcoming album (Larger Than Life).

This single is out next week and will be available as a free download. Seven, (yes seven!) remixes will also be released on the same day.

Patrick Stump-Spotlight

We’ve had Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy’s project, and now it’s the fantastic Patrick Stump’s turn. When he announced his album would be titled Soul Punk, my excitement levels raised ten-fold, as his voice is perfect for that particular blend of styles. Of the 2 tracks here, only 1 will make the album: both are titled Spotlight, but Stump needs help choosing one.

The first (subtitled Oh Nostalgia) is initally driven solely by piano and distorted percussion, but upscales significantly for the hook and really blossoms in the last third with a grand, rousing feel. The second, New Regrets, has a high-tempo percussion line and synthesised melodies that give the track a more pop vibe, and is hence more distanced from the Fallout Boy style than Oh Nostalgia. Both are very motivational and have great vocals, but I’m leaning more toward Oh Nostalgia, as the slower production projects Stump’s huge, captivating vocals more effectively. However, while both will sit really well with a mainstream audience, New Regrets has the edge in that respect. Download both to decide for yourself.

Patrick Stump-Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)
Patrick Stump-Spotlight (New Regrets)

T.I. and Rocko-I Can’t Help It Video

Pretty much everything you’ve come to expect from a Tip video: lots of ‘street’ scenery, plenty of confidence from Tip, and the general feel of a southern hip-hop video.

First time I’ve actually come across this track, and it’s not bad at all. It’s by no means his strongest material ever, but I can see this quietly becoming quite the popular anthem for mainstream hip-hop fans. Enjoying Rocko’s flow in his verse too, as he brings his own high-tempo style alongside T.I.’s own tongue-twisting delivery.

Trae Tha Truth and Lupe Fiasco-Bad Don’t Seem So Wrong Video

A decent video for a very good track. The visuals really emphasise the introspective feel that emanates throughout the song, largely down to the emphasis on a dark and dreary colour scheme. When coupled with plenty of isolated shots of Trae and Lupe, you get a very simple video that works well with the sombre nature of the track.

The only negative is that the maker of this video went way overboard with tagging the video, and really cheapens the experience. It’s a shame, as the song itself is a very good one, and the video is certainly fitting.

Audio can be grabbed out of here.

Black Cards-Club Called Heaven (Spencer Peterson Remix)

The original version was really likeable for its slightly vintage-sounding spin on the alternative pop genre, whereas this remix flips that on its head and adds a more futuristic dance influence to the track.

Largely stripping out the vocals, Peterson comes through with a likeable production that isn’t too heavy with the dance vibe, tempering it with heavy lashings of pop influences and structure. It’s an interesting take on the track, and will certainly work better than the original in a club/party environment.

Black Cards-Club Called Heaven (Spencer Peterson Remix)

Dirty Money ft. Swizz Beatz-Ass On The Floor

Swizz Beatz hits us up with his latest Monster Monday track, this time with Dirty Money taking the spotlight, and I can’t really say I’m much of a fan of this in all honesty. The track to me seems to be a little over-produced if anything, and its definitely a case of less would be more. However, it has to be said that I’m starting to warm to Swizz’s hooks, and once again he’s delivered one that’s bound to stick in your head throughout the day.

Download the track for free from here

Listen To 5 Tracks From Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack

Taken from a recent podcast interview out in the US, Tron: Legacy music supervisor Jason Bentley and director Joseph Kosinski discuss the film, as preview 5 of the tracks from the soundtrack.

The official soundtrack is released on December 7th, and from what I’ve heard it’s expectedly brilliant! Click here to check out the releases, remixes and videos thus far.

Kid Cudi-Mojo So Dope Video

Visuals for one of the better tracks from Cudi’s sophomore effort. Largely comprised of footage from a documentary that came with the deluxe edition of the album, the video makes for decent viewing with a mixture of live show footage and Cudi living everyday life.

Cudi’s personality seems to have come under attack in recent months, but videos like this certainly reaffirm that he’s a relaxed, funny guy who seems to enjoy what he’s doing. Whilst on first listen I was disappointed with his recent album, visuals like this alter my perspective a little and give the project a more wholesome feel.

Audio can be grabbed here.

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx-NY Is Killing Me

Probably one of the most unexpected collaborations of the year. The legendary Gil Scott-Hero’s I’m New Here album from earlier this year is set to undergo treatment from Jamie of The xx, resulting in a full remix album entitled We’re New Here due out 21st February 2011. It’s been a huge 12 months for The xx, and it’s great to see Jamie getting involved in this sort of artistic diversity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to give the original NY Is Killing Me the review and acclaim it deserved, but it was a really interesting track that was held together by nothing more than claps and the odd bass pound. Jamie strips that away in favour of an atmospheric electro production that manages to retain the slightly disquieting and uneasy vibe of the original. You can watch the video here, and grab the track/pre-order the album here.

Mr. Hudson and Kanye West-Anyone But Him Video

I’m not sure the term ‘much anticipated’ quite fits here, as I don’t think anyone was particularly bothered about this single: considering the talent on offer, the track is really disappointing.

The video makes the best of a bad situation with lots of diversity and variety in the images and effects chosen, and is fairly decent viewing. Having said that, I’m not sure the scenes of Hudson performing in a vintage, stripped-out venue make sense given that the song is heavily autotuned.

Audio can be picked up here, if you didn’t grab it way back in July 2009.

John Regan-Sorry I'm Late [Album]

This is the debut solo album release from 24-year old Baltimore born emcee John Regan. It features the likes of Marsha Ambrosius, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli (you can grab that collab here), Needlz, Nottz, 88-Keys, PackFM, Ill Bill, Juganot, Kidz in the Hall, Jaiden and more. Certainly an eye-catching lineup for an underground artist such as Regan, and gives you an idea that the album is going to be something worth taking note of.

I’ve only managed to give it a quick listen, but it certainly does impress and comes across as an album that you’d expect from a far more established artist, which is a credit to the talent Regan clearly has. The album describes his struggles at trying to make it in the hip-hop game, whilst having to balance a family life at the same time. It’s available for purchase on iTunes/Amazon now, but before you take the plunge, you can listen to the full album for free here (My favourite track has to be the superb All I Got To Give).

Trey Songz-#Lemmeholdatbeat Mixtape

After a few releases from this tape in recent weeks, Trey drops off the full tape right on time. I’ve had mixed feelings on the tracks so far, but there’s no denying Trey’s ability and hopefully he’ll have packed the mixtape out with great material.

Click here to get familiar with the previous drops from the mixtape, and/or head below to grab the full project.

Keri Hilson-The Way You Love Me Video

Well, there’s no shortage of things to talk about on this one. First off, there are plenty of cameos: on first watch, I picked up Rick Ross, Dawn Richard, Faith Evans, JoJo, Polow Da Don and Lloyd. Always nice to see lots of artists coming together.

Secondly, I’m not sure Keri has done a video/song as ‘promiscuous’ as this one: there’s no lack of skin and, er, gyrating/thrusting. I didn’t quite pick up on it when the audio was released, but the lyrics are pretty ‘sexually honest’ too, and it’s undoubtedly her riskiest effort to date. Personally, I don’t think she needed to go down this route, but there we are.

The final point would be that despite the heavy sexual emphasis, there is actually some semblance of a story going on, which is respectable. It’s a shame (or not, if I’m honest) that it’s lost amidst a sea of smut. Audio is here.

Danny Lifted-No Curfew

“As CEO of Tenman Records, Justin Timberlake is intimately involved in the selection and signing of artists, as well as the production of their albums. Timberlake has signed new act Danny Lifted and claims he is “the artist of the future”. Danny Lifted’s first single “No Curfew” has just been released. Produced by Timberlake himself, he hopes fans will embrace Danny Lifted the way he has and promises a newpop star has been born”.

S.A.S-So Far [Video]

The third single from the critically acclaimed Galaxy Fly album from S.A.S, and is another song from them that I’m liking very much.

Wrongly or rightly: S.A.S have been unfortunate that the UK audience aren’t really geared towards UK hip hop and are much more into the Grime scene, which is seen as the leading voice of ‘urban music’ in this country. No coincidence that S.A.S get a lot of love in mainland Europe, where non American hip hop is far more widely accepted.

The album Galaxy Fly is available on iTunes right now.

Chris Brown-In My Zone 2 Mixtape

Since In My Zone 1, Chris Brown’s career has really got a second chance with his glut of high-quality material. I have no doubts the sequel will continue Chris’ hot streak, as well as delivering another tape full of quality material.

There are some pretty interesting features on this one too, with Big Sean in particular standing out as a potentially great fit with Chris’ style. You can both preview and download the tape using the player included, and I’d probably recommend doing both!

Big Sean and Travis Barker-Big Nut Bust

A brand new Big Sean track that’s set to be premiered on Travis Barker’s upcoming mixtape Let The Drummer Get Wicked, Big Nut Bust combines Sean infectious raps with Travis Barker’s rock-inspired production style to produce one of Sean’s most diverse tracks to date.

Travis serves up a driving, guitar-laced production that is unlike anything I’ve heard Sean tackle, but he does so with consumate ease, and doesn’t sacrifice his typically laidback style at all. This provides a nice contrast throughout the track, as the spiky edges of the beat are placed alongside his smooth, catchy raps to great effect.

Big Sean-Big Nut Bust ft. Travis Barker

Lil' Kim-Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)

I have to be honest: on diss tracks, Kim has just blown Minaj out of the water here. Whilst it’s undeniably lame that there’s no real reason for this ‘beef’ other than female jealousy, as well as the fact Kim seems to take issue with pretty much every other female rapper, we may as well enjoy the music and Kim comes through with some vicious bars on this one.

Borrowing Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says, Kim adopts a far more direct approach than Minaj’s more veiled Roman’s Revenge, as she hits Minaj pretty hard throughout with some decent lines accompanied by some good diversity in her flow. With the Nicki Minaj novelty wearing off for most of us (above a certain age), there’s undoubtedly growing support for Kim in this petty war, although she unecessarily goes at pretty much everyone else in this track too (Diddy, Drake, Young Money etc.). However, major laughs at the end of the track with the Minaj impression!

Lil’ Kim-Black Friday


I find that in this day and (my) age, it’s not that often that I’m ‘wowed’ by anything anymore let alone music. Tonedeff is consistently an exception to this rule.

He’s not an artist I particularly listen to that much – partly due to his minescule and somewhat sporadic back-catalogue - but whenever I do, I always wonder why I don’t do so more. This evening I was digging around trying to find out when his new album is due (if ever) and I stumbled across this absolute B.E.A.UTY.

Bei Maejor-Upside Down 2 Mixtape

The sequel to Bei’s summer mixtape, Upside Down, has arrived somewhat unexpectedly, but certainly makes for a welcome surprise.

As I said earlier, most of the music world has stood still these last few days (which I assume is a result of Thanksgiving in the US yesterday), but R&B seems to have kept pouring material out. If it’s anything like his first mixtape, this should be a very diverse project from the upcoming singer-songwriter. Be sure to grab it below.

Bei Maejor-Upside Down 2

P Money-Slang Like This Remix ft. D Double E, Footsie & Blacks

The original to this track came out earlier in the year and apparently got some decent hype, which P Money was unfortunately unable to capitalise on for some reason. He’s re-releasing it though with some big names alongside for this remix in D Double E & Footsie, and here is the official video for that. I still haven’t heard the original, but I can’t imagine it sounding as good as this!

The beat is one of a dub-step nature which sounds so natural as a backdrop to the sounds of Grime, even more peculiar: Indian vocals are used to assist the beat. With a superb chorus involving these guys speaking a little London slang – I have no doubts this will be stuck in your head for days (it’s been in mine all day!).

Great remix, and I look forward to copping the audio when it’s released in December.

1982 (Statik Selektah and Termanology)-The EP

Originally available if you purchased their recently-released album, Statik and Term have made the EP available for free to everyone. Tracklist and download link below.

1. The Lottery
2. All Night ft. Kali
3. The Darkest Cloud ft. Chace Infinite
4. Weird Science
5. Put It Down ft. Ghetto & Ea$y Money
6. Never Gonna (Interlude)
7. Word Up
8. The Dream ft. Reks
9. 82 92 ft. Mac Miller (Bonus)
1982-The Ep

R&B Fridays: Episode 76

Whilst the rest of the music world seems to have taken a much-needed breather this week (album releases aside), there’s been no shortage of new and/or unreleased R&B and pop material in the 76th instalment of R&B Fridays.

The week has already seen a great new video from Tank, two new remixes from T-Pain, a captivating video for Bruno Mars’ Grenade, the UK’s own Chipmunk working with Chris Brown, another release from Trey Songz’s upcoming mixtape, Keri Hilson and Kanye West getting together for a new remix, Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj’s collabo video, and the unexpected release of a John Legend and Estelle EP.

Lots up there, and lots down below. Click on.
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Jay Rock-Black Friday Mixtape

I’m looking forward to this. Jay’s undoubtedly one of the better talents coming out of the West Coast hip-hop game, and has built a good reputation for himself over the last couple of years.

With his debut album due out early next year, this is pretty important material in his progression, so it’ll be interesting to see just how his music is sounding right now. If you’re not accquainted, hopefully this will prove to be a good introduction to his work. Without further ado…

Jay Rock-Black Friday Mixtape

Crooked I-Listen With Your Heart

It’s a Thursday, it’s new Crooked I material, and despite ‘ending’ that particular series last week, Crook still graces us with some strong material with thw HHWR shout at the start.

Regardless of that confusion, this is some great material. Sampling the 1988 hit Listen To Your Heart, Crook does a great job on this powerful production and turns a retro pop production into a legitmate hip-hop track with some introspective lyricism. It’s definitely the right sort of beat/appropriate era of beat to bring reflective rhymes out of Crook, and is certainly worth a listen.

Crooked I-Listen With Your Heart

Golden State-All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home is a couple of years old, but only really came to prominence this year with its inclusion in the fantastic TV documentary, Deadliest Catch. Normally, soundtracking  TV isn’t a big deal but this was arguably one of the best scene-song fits in recent memory, as it was chosen for the powerful scenes surrounding the heart-wrenching death of Captain Phil Harris.

It’s a brilliant piece of alternative music, driven emotionally by fantastic vocals that vary throughout the track in a fitting manner: In particular, the hook is delivered in a desperate, reaching manner that is incredibly endearing. The instrumentation is superb, as the verses are calmly backed by soft acoustic work, whilst the hook and last third of the track are atmospheric, powerful and fitted together beautifully.

There’s no weak link in this track, and really is worth a listen. Support the band and buy it on iTunes for a few pennies: it’s the best 79p I’ve spent in ages.