Sunday's Second Bundle of Goodies

Murray brought you a bundle of joy earlier, and I’ll follow that up with a similarly-themed post.

First off, there’s some more unreleased 2Pac, which is really worth picking up. Getting to listen to previously-unheard mid-90s material is always a  rare pleasure. The second is a remix to Tangerine, one of the better songs from Big Boi’s superb recent solo album, adding Rick Ross and Bun B to the mix. Finally, we’ve got an uplifting T.I. and Chris Brown collab, which I assume is from King Uncaged.

2Pac-If They Love Their Kidz

Big Boi-Tangerine Remix ft. T.I., Khujo, Rick Ross and Bun B

T.I.-Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown

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