RZA, Justin Nozuka and Kobra Khan-Gone

Now we’re getting #WuWednesdays. Seriously, what’s happening?! Can artists only release music on certain days? Not to sound ungrateful though, as who doesn’t want new Wu?!

The features are definitely unusual, not just because they’re both quite unknown, but Nozuka is primarily an acoustic/folk artist too. My only previous exposure to Nozuka was a positive one though, with 2007′s Down In A Dirty Cold Well being a decent track. This is pretty good stuff too, with a sombre, soulful production complimenting some introspective rhymes from the RZA, and a haunting hook from Nozuka rounding off the track appropriately. Decent verse from Kobra too. Fans of the darker Joe Budden material (Indi) will really enjoy this.

RZA-Gone ft. Justin Nozuka and Kobra Khan

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