Rihanna-What's My Name ft. Drake

Massive, massive track here by two artists who could lay claim to being some of the biggest acts on the planet right now. So a collaboration between the two of them is going grab yours and everyone’s attention!

Does this track, which is off Rihanna’s upcoming Loud album, disappoint? You’d think it would, but whilst it isn’t a song that’s going to change the world, it’s one you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying a lot – perhaps as a guilty pleasure, (which is certainly the case for me!). Expect this to absolutely dominate airwaves, radiowaves and brainwaves everywhere.

Just remember where you heard it first. Download below.

Rihanna-What’s My Name ft. Drake

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4 comments to Rihanna-What’s My Name ft. Drake

  • I really like this. One of those that you know will be enormous from the moment you hear it, and would probably be the case whether it was Rihanna or not. Shame it’s going to be hideously overplayed and ruined on TV/radio by Christmas.

  • TWR

    Ajay, said “One of those that you know will be enormous from the moment you hear it” … enormous are the songs that you still hear being played after decades have passed … songs that have meaning, substance and depth and have rich and varied instrumentals … there’s nothing whatsoever “enormous” within this song! Sad that this generation of music has deteriorated into such utter and mindless emptiness!

  • I respect your opinion mate, but can’t say I agree. Enormous isn’t exclusively synonymous with being timeless, as is your implication. It’s clear the association I’m making is from a sales and popularity perspective (from the context of the entire comment), in which context there’s no questioning the potential enormity of the track: it will sell hundreds of thousands of singles/albums, and will be enjoyed by millions. To me, that constitutes enormous, especially in the increasingly short-term music industry conditions of today.

    Song that have ‘meaning, substance and rich instrumentals’ are rarely ‘enormous’ from that aspect, no matter how much better they may be musically. They can be ‘enormous’ from a sonic, technical music perspective but it’s clear that’s not the context in which I used the term, although I sympathise there may have been some confusion, and I hence agree with you from that standpoint: it isn’t enormous musically.

    As I’m sure you’ve seen on the site, my personal taste is quite clearly rooted in the lesser-known artists that do deliver lyrically and instrumentally-diverse songs, but I also appreciate that the underground wouldn’t exist without the mainstream, and each has their place. This is an easygoing party track that will have enormous popularity, that is undeniable, and it’s not worth castigating an entire generation for a bit of inoffensive fun.

  • Chris

    ^^^ Correct.

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